Monday, October 8, 2007

Feeling the Love

I am so grateful for the outpouring of support from my friends! Wow. I am also disconcerted a bit by all those online and in my own life who have responded with their own questions, fears and skepticism.

I am thankful that people feel comfortable sharing their concerns and asking their questions. At the same time, I feel a bit nervous taking on the role of expert or even role model. I share my own personal experiences with the hopes that they will help others feel confident to try 80-10-10 out. I encourage anyone who has questions to go to Dr. Graham's VegSource Forum or the PathOfHealth Yahoogroup. These folks really ARE experts and role models.

I guess I should clarify for those of you who might wonder... I have ZERO doubts about the health, safety and normalcy of eating a diet of raw fruit and tender greens. That's right, folks, I truly believe that this is the way that humans are designed to eat, and that anything else will result in less than optimal health.

I also know that as Dr. Graham says, it's direction, not speed, that counts. I am going in the right direction again, thank goodness!


Julie said...

Hi again, Marjorie!

I have a practical little tip for you:

It took me a while to figure this out, but when I would start feeling "funny" and emotional and start thinking about how I would like to eat some junk (which I would previously do and it would turn into a binge) it was because I wasn't eating enought fruit!

Hard to believe, perhaps, but true.

So the next time you start having those old thoughts/feeling about binging, let yourself have a big giant fun binge. . . on fruit!

It's OK to eat emotionally and/or overeat, as long as it is on fruit.

Since I have figured that out, it is a huge help.

Now, if I have those old familiar feelings, I go out and buy myself LOTS of fruit that I LOVE and eat to my heart's content. Sometimes it is a ridiculous amount! But it brings great relief and satisfies fully whatever was causing those desires and disaster is averted. Ha, ha.

Hope this helps. . .


Love to you, sister,

Raw Vegan Family said...

Marjorie, I don't think anyone could doubt that you believe in this style of eating. Whether you like it or not, you become a role model because others look to you and your experiences to see if it is something they would pursue. Your highest value is in your honest evaluation of the changes and challenges you are experiencing.

Because you are warning others of the pitfalls, they too will be aware of the difficulties they may encounter in leaving old ways of thinking and eating behind. Instead of rejecting the diet when these things show up, they may realize they are a normal part of transition and feel comfortable enough to push on through.

That said, there may be people who use your experience to reject the lifestyle. They are also entitled to take what they want from your posts. All you are doing is putting it out there for all of us to see. I, for one, am greatly appreciative. Like it or not, you are someone I look to for guidance. :) I say, if Marjorie can do it, with three children, living "up north" (lol!) so can I!


Greenmama said...

Hi Julie,

Thanks so much for bringing up this point. This is a really important one for newbies to understand!

I WAS having cravings when I wasn't eating enough. But I didn't actually indulge them. Eventually, with a little help from my friends, I figured out that I was undereating and fixed the problem (mostly...)

When I chose to go off of raw and overeat, it was because I wanted to suppress some emotions I was having. I have been doing some self-discovery work that has brought up a LOT of stuff. I basically have to fix some major problems in my life, which is really REALLY hard.

I was very frustrated and feeling bad. I wanted to numb out and avoid all of the stuff I was facing. I even wanted to hurt myself (like a person who smashes their hand with a hammer to block out a more painful injury somewhere else in their body).

I know that in the end, as Connie and others have helped me see, I actually AM moving in the right direction. Not only with my physical health, but with the rest of my life.

And, thanks to Connie for reminding me why I'm chronicling everything, even my moments of unhappiness and shame.

Thanks again! You ladies rock.


Anonymous said...

Greenmama, thank you so much for sharing your ups and downs w/ us and being authentic. We all have forays into the "unkown." I feel the same way about eating cooked now as I do eating high-fat gourmet raw. It just leaves me feeling sad and numbed. When I too eat either of those it is to suppress the heighten emotions that I feel at that moment.
Marjorie, you are an inspiration as you dare to expose not only your successes, but the natural demons that accompany us through life that we are trying to overcome and set free to not be part of us anymore.
Be kind to yourself and eat LOTS of fruit!
Lots of love,