Saturday, March 20, 2010

Excuses Begone

I have heard plenty about Wayne Dyer but never had any direct experience with his books or presentations. When PBS showed a program last week, I took the opportunity to watch, mostly out of curiousity.

Though I found his manner engaging and the presentation interesting enough that I didn't turn it off, I found myself judging him... Who does this guy think he is with his pot belly telling me how to be successful? He hasn't said anything I haven't heard elsewhere. In fact, most of what he does is quote other people.

I got curious as to what my resistance was about. And then I realized... here is a man who has attracted a fortune to himself, as well as legions of admirers. I am jealous. I laughed a little at myself, and my annoyance dissolved.

I took away one nugget of wisdom that has helped me immensely in the last few days. One of the excuses that I wish to begone... "It will be difficult to achieve."

I realize that I have been repeating this to myself over and over for the past few years, with regards to transitioning to a healthy lifestyle. And, as long as I have believed it, it has been difficult!

Today, I realized it can be easy. And so it was. Now, about that fortune...


Kim said...

Why thank you; this is just what I want to hear today! :) Sometimes, when I listen in, I feel the universe is whispering to us all the time: Go Easy (& Have Fun)!! And I'm certainly happy when I do. ;-)


Connie said...

I often find that my judgement is centered in jealousy. Working on it. :)

Love & Light!

Greenmama said...

Ah, I always am so delighted to hear from you wonderful ladies.

Connie, what else is jealousy but desire. And desire is wonderful, so long as we remember we can have what we desire. Right? I'm working on that one still...

But, Kim is right, the Universe is whispering to me.