Saturday, January 12, 2008

Thoughts about cooking...

I took up cooking when I was pregnant with my oldest son. I think it was a subconscious bid to become a "mother" like my own mother. My mother always cooked meals from scratch when I was a kid, and we ate very little processed food.

So, I started reading Cooking Light and Vegetarian Times religiously and checking out cookbooks from the library. I secretly knew that I was a better cook than my mother, but I did share her penchant for getting distracted and burning things.

When I discovered the raw 80-10-10 way of eating, I was spending approximately 3-4 hours per day preparing meals.

Now my food prep is down to an hour or less.

At first, I felt a little bit of discombobulation... who knew so much of my identity as a mother was so tied up with my role as family cook?

However, now I realize what freedom I've stumbled upon. Free time to spend with my kids in meaningful activities we all enjoy. And freedom from worry that someone won't like the food I've spent so much time on. I used to really get hurt if the kids didn't like a recipe.

I'm glad to put that ugly issue behind me at least! Good grief.

And, I am not adding to my collection of scars from burning myself, or stinking up the house when I accidentally burn something (again). :)


Sarah said...

Totally agree! Who has time to cook?!!! Not me!!!!

FruityJules said...


What could be easier than cutting open a bunch of oranges? Not to mention how beautiful they are and how luscious their sweet syrup is.

Then just rinse the plate/bowl squeaky clean. No soap needed.

I feel sorry for the people buying a million ingredients for their recipes. So much work. So much money. (All to be poisoned and dehydrated.) I just giggle inside and feel like I've got a secret!



Sarah said...

I agree with Julie. It's so much easier to do the dishes. No more scrubbing cooked on gunk. Everything rinses off so nice and easy.

Cooking...who knew it was such a time waster ;)

Azura Skye said...

great post...

I was thinking - without cooking your really reduce the chances of having house fires from burning food, or even burning yourself.
and yea - what Sarah said, no more glued on fat on pans to scrub for hours!