Monday, December 31, 2007

Second Verse, Same as the First!

O.k., so the day started off a bit badly. Feeling crappy in the morning (a side effect of my past months of poor eating and stress). A disagreement with my husband.

Then it got better. Made up with my husband. Took a much-needed nap. A long walk in the winter wonderland. Oak trees with their golden leaves covered in snow. Why haven't those leaves fallen, I wonder? For my aesthetic appreciation? I approve! And sloggin' through that powdery white stuff sure works the glutes. But how is it that I still don't own any boots?

A nice family dinner (raw) and a fun dance party. We made New Year's wishes. The kids were pooped by 7:30 and went to bed. I can hear my hubbie breathing heavy in his chair downstairs and it's only 10 p.m. Ahhh.

I'm feeling utterly optimistic about 2008. My year to feel GREAT!

(Now, I might have to come read that over and over when the cleansing symptoms start. I could feel the burning in my nasal passages this morning... I'm ready, though!)


Kristen's Raw said...

I couldn't have said it better (feeling utterly fantastic about 2008). Happy New Year!!!

PS. Love your tank top :)

Kristen's Raw

Anonymous said...

Marjorie, I just know this will be your best year ever! :)

Happy New Year!
Much Love!

luba said...

Let the New Year bring only the good and the light.Let the bad and the dark stay back in 2007.
I used to have a house where my bedroom overlooked the whole bunch of oaktrees. They would only loose the old leaves in Spring with the coming of the new leaves. I rememeber asking myself same question why? They were gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Marjorie! I hope that all of your goals/resolutions for the year are met--I know you can do it!


Anonymous said...

When you feel something bad coming on, take some more water! That's my philosophy right now.