Sunday, December 30, 2007

O Happy Day

Nice to put something more positive at the top of the page.

So, I promised my daughter no more junk food. That felt good. Now I can't go back on my word! I feel great about that. Ready.

If I freak out, I'll just have to punch somebody. *grin* Just kiddin'.

Today, I got outside and went sledding with the kids. Got a free Ab Slide from a nice Freecycler. Worked out. Spent a great evening with my 3 year-old doin' kid stuff.

Today's Food

9 a.m. 6 oranges
12 p.m. Smoothie w/ 8 lrg. bananas and 1 1/3 cups raspberries
5:30 p.m. Big plate of lettuce w/ tomato-orange-celery blended for dressing
7 p.m. Smoothie w/ 6 lrg. bananas and 1 c. raspberries

Cal. 2400 (almost exactly what I burned!)


MoreLyrical said...

Oooh, juicing fruits and veg for dressings sounds like a FAB idea!!! Thanks for sharing. I definitely have to try that out for myself.

Heeyy!! I'm so glad to see you on Blogger. I'll be by often, for sure.

Sarah said...

You are brave to venture out in the cold weather. This winter I'm finding myself wanting to be in hibernation mode, it's terrible! :)

I'll be stalking you on the FF challenge forum... :) Excited to read about your journey!

Banana Island said...

I like your punching idea! LOL!

*Connie* :)