Sunday, August 12, 2007

Salome with her Grandpa (my father)

My farmer friend Phil hangin' out at Willow

Busy, busy weekend! Saturday was Farmer's Market and then the kids and I headed out for the Willow Creek Folk Festival that is held in a picturesque little churchyard in the country about 25 minutes away from here. Willow attracts a ton of amazing talent from all over and is a big thing for all the crunchy/ hippy/ liberal folk around these parts, but believe it or not, we've never been. We made a special effort this year, as my husband's brother's band had secured a timeslot to play. My husband was feeling really low with a rib injury, however, and decided to stay home and rest.

We had a WONDERFUL time. I had a few welcome but unexpected encounters, including with my parents! My parents had decided to take a little mini-vacation and stayed in a hotel in Stockton with my four youngest siblings. The sibs decided to sit out the festival in favor of swimming in the hotel pool. But my parents had a great time. It was nice to visit with them a bit. The kids ran me a bit ragged, especially at the end, when two of them disappeared into the darkness and it took a little while to find them. We enjoyed hearing my brother-in-law's band... They played a really fun cover of Folsom Prison, by Johnny Cash, an original murder ballad that my dad deemed "inappropriate for a churchyard," and a White Stripes song.

Today, we had Salome's birthday party in a local park. Nobody blinked when we served a watermelon cake. Aside from a lot of sweating and my nephew Sam's dramatic spill off of a swing, a rolicking good time was had by all.

Food from today and yesterday (* denotes local)


I ate a lot of watermelon* and some cukes*, tomatoes*, lettuce, peaches and a few grapes.


Em said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend.
Loving the new profile pic

Margi (Mar-ghi) said...

Watermelon cake? Did you just smush watermelon together?

Connie said...

Awww, they look so sweet!:-)That sounds like a fun day. Are you finally feeling better?

Sharing Healing Energies!

Greenmama said...

Thanks everyone! Glad you like the pic, Em.


We were inspired by some pics from one of Dr. D's retreats where they made him a birthday cake out of watermelon where there were three slices to make three layers and the rind was carved to resemble fondant icing. Then we tried to do it and it was too hard with our blunt poor-quality knives and fumble fingers around here. So, we just used three peeled circles for three layers of the cake. She liked it.


Yes, I am almost feeeling 100%. No headache, but I am having a bit of bowel irritation.