Sunday, August 19, 2007

Rainy weekend

Work has started and life is busy. Today, it was raining, so I worked on washing and slicing tomatoes for dehydrating. We've got a lot of tomatoes. I don't know how the rest will do with all of this rain. We've been getting so much rain that the beans are molding on the vine. I have some pinto beans ready to pick, but no customer, so I'm not in a hurry to pick them. It rained off and on all day anyway.

I am reading a fantastic book called "How Children Learn" by John Holt. I recommend it to everyone who will ever interact with a child. Actually, it is giving me some insights into some of my own feelings about learning--for example, why I feel confident and able when approaching certain learning tasks, but incompetent and fearful approaching others. I am really, REALLY looking forward to releasing my children from school next year and feel anxious and impatient about this year. We are struggling financially and I want it to stop. But, I seem to be resisting the jobs that will pay the bills, too. LOL!

I checked my body fat percentage today and it is still hovering about 25%. I really need to get busy on the exercise. I'd feel better, too. So, I'm headed down to do a step aerobics video and maybe a little strength training.

Today's Eating

10 a.m. About 12 C. local watermelon
12 p.m. 9 Calimyrna figs (a gift from a friend)
2 p.m. 6 more cups of watermelon
6 p.m. Organic baby romaine and spinach with tomatoes and Armenian Snake Cucumbers from my garden

Approx. 1500 cal., C-P-F 89-7-4


Anonymous said...

I love John Holt! Keep on believing Marjorie, you will have your dream before you know it. Just dwell on what you want and not on what you don't have, YET. Go into the future, set your intention, then work your way backwards, so that you know what your next step needs to be.

I was once exactly where you are and now, as a 20 year homeschooler/unschooler, I am wishing for it to be over! LoL! Enough is enough!

Much Love!

tam said...

Marjorie, I'm so glad you're enjoying John Holt. I love his insight and deep respect for children.


Anonymous said...

Mmmm...figs! I love fresh figs--that was a great gift!

Hang in there this year, Marjorie. I am sure you will figure something out!


Johanna said...

I ordered the John Holt book. I don't have kids yet but when I do am hoping to home school. Don't give up your dream. My husband and I struggle financially too but we are doing a monthly budget now (after much arguing) and have made progress with managing our money better. BTW, how do you check your body fat?
Take care, Johanna

Greenmama said...

It's so nice to hear from everyone.

Connie, it is amazing to hear from a 20 year "veteran." I'll be e-mailing you for support and suggestions, I'm sure! My intention is set!

Courtney, I promise to be in touch soon. I'm so glad you still visit me here. :)


My husband and I have gotten SO much better, but we still struggle over our budget every month. Ultimately, we have too many bills and not enough bills (of legal tender). KWIM?

I measure my waist, my neck, and my hips and plug it into a calculator found at Nutridiary is a great resource.

Bye all,