Friday, July 13, 2007

Cleansing continues

Felt "ill" today. Actually, I didn't feel any strong symptoms; I just felt like I couldn't move for any reason. I slept pretty much all day and got up about 4 p.m. It is so fortunate that my husband is here to be with the children. He also harvested some cabbage and kale for me to sell tomorrow at market.

I should have probably fasted to allow for more healing to take place, but I ate anyway. At about 7 p.m., I had a very large hard ball of a bowel movement. Hmmmm, maybe that's what my body was working on cleansing.

I am battling feelings of helplessness and depression. Can I conquer my flaws? (Or is that a fundamentally flawed way of viewing myself?)

Today's Raw Food

About 5 p.m. 3 C. honeydew melon, 3 C. watermelon
About 7 p.m. About 12 C. watermelon, 2 cups raw peas
About 10:30 p.m. 6 Medjool dates, 1 oz. raw cashews

About 1550 calories, C-P-F 80-7-13


Anonymous said...

I am having issues with depression, too. Hang in there -- it always gets better, right? :)

Anonymous said...

Greenmama said...

Hi there,

Thanks for the encouragement. It's hard to relearn to experience all of my emotions and not medicate them with food. Hang in there and lean on those you love, RVM. :)


Thanks for the laugh. Too funny!!!


~Anastazia~ said...

Remember to get some sunshine, & a little exercise, they both go a long way to elevating your mood!

Sometimes all we can do is do what our bodies are telling us to do...resting is needed, sometimes more than we'd like to have to rest, but still, if we listen, healing comes.

Are you drinking enough water? {Sometimes what we think is enough really isn't!}

I honestly do think 'conquering your flaws' isn't the best way to look at what we need to overcome~

It's more about continuing to pursue growing, & seeking until we find freedom,healing & deliverance from the things that harm, hinder & stunt us from being who we were created to be... the same time, we are who we are, & where we are in our lives for reasons we may not fully understand, but we can decide to gracefully accept, & have mercy on ourselves, & not come under the heavy weight of condemnation & self-rejection.

When we just keep pressing on, allowing faith to give us the strength to do the best we can for one more day, each day gets a little easier, & hope blooms like a desert rose, nourishing our souls like an oasis of beauty amidst the harshness this life can sometimes be.

This is what I'm praying for for you.

Every day is a gift! No matter how we feel, or what happens, or doesn't happen, it's still a gift to be thankful for, & to find treasures & moments of beauty in.
Sorry, didn't mean to write a book! Lol!

Greenmama said...

Thanks Anastazia!

:), Marjorie