Monday, June 18, 2007

Yesterday I was busy in my garden until after sunset and when I got home and nursed my daughter to sleep, I fell asleep also. Guess I needed some rest!

Today, I sold some lettuce to a local eaterie, brought the Farmer's Market donations to the local food pantry, and then the whole family headed to visit my parents to go swimming. Some of you may remember that last week our swimming was cut short by a surprise swim meet. This week it was cut short by thunder and showers.

As usual, it was a fun/ tense combo of hanging out with my family. I asked my mom some parenting advice about my children and their food choices, but she didn't really answer me. My mom doesn't like to give advice. She likes people to make their own way. I love my mom! (But I'd love her advice sometimes. At least I think would.)

Bad news! Aldi is closed for one week for remodeling. The horror! How will I replace the hundreds of dollars of free produce I get every week?

Today's food

9 a.m. About 10 cups watermelon
1 p.m. About 3 cups sweet cherries, large salad of iceberg and Four Seasons lettuce, more of that salsa made with Roma tomatoes, colored peppers, onion, cilantro, lime juice, agave syrup, cumin, and salt. I added a lot less salt this time (although I should NOT be eating any!)
4 p.m. About 4 cups watermelon
6:30 p.m. Zucchini "Pasta" with Raw Pomodoro sauce made with blended Roma tomatoes, a little avocado, fresh oregano and tarragon, lemon juice, and a bit of agave and a sprinkle of salt

About 1600 calories


Tommie said...

And who was it that was fussing at me about eating salt??? Huh? Huh? Who was it?

Greenmama said...

O.k., Tommie, I'm done with it this time! I didn't have any today.

Come on, we can do it together.


Jgunn said...

if their gonna close for a week maybe the manager will let you haul out stuff the last day thats not gonna make it a week in storage :)