Saturday, June 16, 2007

Rest and Optimal Eating

A photo of me, my son, and our cat, Bartimaeas taken today. Bart's wondering why the heck I picked him up while he was playing outside. That's our little gazebo in the background.

I have been really working hard these past few days in my garden, the community garden, and today at the Farmer's Market. I am noticing how the less I rest and the more sleep-deprived I get, the less I tend to make optimal food choices. Why is that?

I ate a LOT of raw salsa with salt in the past two days. Since I have been completely abstaining from salt in the past month, I really notice a difference. I'm thirsty, despite drinking more water, and am feeling a bit of extra fatigue. I have also been allowing myself to eat too late at night and eating more blended foods, rather than taking the time to slowly eat and thoroughly chew whole foods. I also have been making more "ice creams" and while they're a great treat, I don't want to start eating too many frozen foods because of the stress they can place on your digestive system and the flora inside it.

Today, after another fun day at the Farmer's Market, I spent some time with our friends wrapping up a garage sale. We made a pretty penny, and cleared out lots of unwanted clutter from our house. My husband and the kids spent some time with my husband's extended family at a local "lake" fishing and swimming, so I had the afternoon to run errands, sell Farmer's Market leftovers to some shut-ins, buy a Father's Day present, pick up waste to compost from a local florist, and meet with a plumber about the water hook-up in the community garden.

My husband has just finished a full week of 100% low fat raw vegan! He challenged himself to do a full week, with a reward at the end. I'm very proud of him. What a great gift to a great Dad for Father's Day.

My cat has not really taken to the raw meat yet, even with the regular food and egg mixed in. Yesterday, he vomited on the floor in the living room, a mixture of what looked like grass and water. He has never vomited indoors before and I believe cats eat grass when they are feeling ill. I really need to research more on transitioning him properly.

But, I better be off to bed now!

Today's Eating

9 a.m. 1 pint raspberries, 1 pint blackberries, about a cup of mulberries
12:30 p.m. Lots of homemade raw salsa (Roma tomatoes, red, green and yellow pepper, raw onion, cilantro, lime juice, agave nectar, cumin and salt) over Four Seasons Lettuce
5 p.m. Green smoothie with bananas, mango, and Four Seasons lettuce
6:30 p.m. Another large green smoothie with bananas, mango and Four Seasons lettuce
8:30 p.m. A totally unnecessary frozen banana-mango ice cream (wasn't even hungry, but made some for my husband and decided to eat some)

Total: About 1900 calories


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Greenmama said...

Hi Margi,

Thanks for the compliment. I'd be happy to add you.


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