Saturday, June 23, 2007

Transition Slowly?

I am reposting the above picture of my beloved junk heap because it went to junkyard heaven this week. The final straw was a major gas leak. So, Greenmama's family just got greener now that we're down to a single vehicle. Less money for insurance should mean more banana money, too!

I recently joined Nora Lenz's Raw School Yahoo group and have enjoyed reading through old posts this evening. One of her early teachings that intrigues me is her suggestion that transition foods, such as dehydrated foods, nuts, and non-optimal combinations, are a good idea for many people to use in the beginning. Her argument is that many people try to go to a 100% optimal raw diet too fast, and then give up quickly when the going gets tough. (I don't know if she still advocates this... the posts I was reading were from 2005.)

My first reaction is to reject this option... why continue to poison the body unnecessarily? I know that dehydrated foods are downright difficult for the body to process and salt and onion powder and cayenne are basically excitotoxins (emphasis on the toxins). If my intention is to adopt an optimal diet, why not just DO IT and not look back?

On the other hand, Nora's approach certainly would allow me to not beat myself up today for again indulging in those darn Sprouted Salad Crunchies, that I promised that I WOULD NOT eat again after my discomfort 2 weeks ago. The question is why. After thinking about this for awhile, I think I am trying to numb myself from feeling the fear and pain of making so many "radical changes" and having many decisions and anxieties about the way forward for me and my family in many areas of our life.

In the short term, I am thinking about lending my dehydrator to a friend and buying some dates. The middle road?

Tomorrow, I plan to rest and read in bed for much of the day and fast. If the last time I ate like this was any indication, I will probably not be feeling well.

Today's Eating (and eating and eating and eating)

7:30 A couple of tablespoons of Sprouted Salad Crunchies
9:30 5 bananas, 1 small head bok choy
12:00 4 bananas blended over a lot of Four Seasons and Black-seeded Simpson lettuce
1-2 p.m. About 3 cups of black raspberries while picking
4 p.m. About 1 1/2 cups of Sprouted Salad Crunchies, 1 avocado
6 p.m. About 1 cup of bok choy with a bit of lime juice
8:30 p.m. A banana "shake" with 4 bananas

Approx. 2200 calories


Anonymous said...

Hmmm very good points -- something I've been thinking about today, too. There's a lot of "raw junk food" in my house right now and it's been tempting me. I ate a raw bar today and felt bad about it later. Is "transitional food" just a way to justify your bad decisions? Or is it a valid phase? I am not sure. I think we all go through phases of eating, though. Is weaning slowly less painful than cutting off quickly? I think eating raw is a continual transition and your body will tell you when it doesn't like particular combinations and will ask you to eat more simply. So I guess I'm saying, trust your body and let it be your guide!

jgunn said...

*has a moment of silence for the station wagon* :)

Courtney said...

Good luck with your fast and rest day--I hope that you don't feel to ill from teh crunchies!!

Are your community garden and farmer's market close enough to walk to? Or will getting rid of your car hinder your participation? Good luck--the extra money will sure be nice!


Greenmama said...

Hi y'all,

Thanks for your thoughts.

I am feeling well after resting yesterday. A little bit of gas, but it too, shall pass. ;)

I ride with my market partner Kristi to the market, so no worries there.