Monday, June 25, 2007

Is Greenmama Crazy?

Yes, folks, that's exactly what you think it is... jars of urine in my lovely leaded glass window. Following Jgunn's advice, I have started sprinkling my urine around my garden in an attempt to discourage the groundhogs and the rabbits who are wreaking havoc on all of my tender greens. Is it working? Well, if it's working on some of the critters, I don't know. But it's not working on all of them. Maybe my raw vegan pee isn't stinky enough to scare them. Or maybe I just don't have all right places "watered"--it is a pretty big garden! Pretty soon, I'm going to have to start camping out there! (By the way, before I get any more tips, I have already tried moth balls, Irish Spring soap, and other deterrents. Next year, I plan to invest in a fence.)

Yesterday, I did rest and fast as planned, although I chose to break my fast in the evening and eat a bit. I slept in until 12:30 in the afternoon! I haven't done that (except when very ill) since I've had children. I am feeling better.

Today, I spent a solid 6 hours weeding my corn. I wish I could say I was finished. I also had a fun time picking red and black raspberries with my daughters and planting beans with my son.

This weekend, my husband and I discovered that our son had been convincing neighbor children to give him junk food and he had a major stash hidden in his room. After talking with him, we decided to institute a reward system. If he is able to go one week without eating junk food, he will get a Transformer. He is very excited. I am not sure this is the right way to go, but it seems more productive than our earlier attempts, which included long talks and grounding him when he broke the rules. He understands why we eat the way we do and he agrees with it, but he is just simply compulsively drawn (one might say, addicted) to white flour and sugar.

Today's Food

10 a.m. 4 cups iceberg lettuce, 4 blended bananas over the top
12 p.m. 3 cups red and black raspberries, while picking
5:30 p.m. Some purslane while weeding in the garden, 1 Greek fig (a present)
7 p.m. 4 cups iceberg lettuce, 1 cup raspberries, 8 bananas (4 blended for salad dressing, 4 blended for "ice cream")

Approx. 1700 calories

*I have not lost any weight since June 5th, people. I need to get back on the exercise wagon ASAP!


uncle smokey said...

In regards to your son...

I have mentored a high school student. He and I were having the same difficulty with him. Two things helped us to overcome these problems.

1) Each time the problem manifests, address it assertively and candidly.

I had to check the young man's private space and possessions often in order to be aware of any problem early on in it's development. As a parent, you have the RESPONSIBILITY to do this. This is not militaristic. A child simply does not have the necessary skills to recognize and solve problems in themselves, they need a loving and responsible adult to help them with the tough things.

So when it was discovered that he had been binging on junk food I first discussed the importance of honesty and specifically honesty in our relationship. As in order for me to help him succeed at his goals, I must have an accurate picture of all things involved. I reminded him that I am only pleased by the truth, that whatever is true doesn't bother me, as long as we have honesty. I reminded him of my unconditional love to him. I then asked him if he had been doing XYZ. Invariably I get an honest answer, most of which I already knew because I had been responsible and done my homework beforehand. But usually he will tell me a few things beyond my previous knowledge.

We then go over HIS goals. Look at what HE wants. We discussed if the action is the very best in order to achieve those goals. We reaffirm the WHY it is that he wants these things and do any other motivational techniques and personal development strategies that work for us. Because this is your child, and he is younger you do have the right to simply tell him the way things will be. Do not ask, but tell him. But always be honest and explain things clearly, simply and honestly. Do not hide anything- he will know.

Educating the young man as to how poor quality food negatively affects him has been very helpful. Not how junk food universally affects everyone, but him specifically. You must be very attentive to know these things. For example. The boy I helped once binged on energy bars for a couple days. I was with him every morning and I noticed that his sleep had been less restful, and he was experiencing more negative emotions. So I did some snooping, when I confronted him I pointed these things out to him and once he saw them he was much more motivated to avoid the negative behavior. So you must separate your consciousness from your routine habits. This is the same process that most likely helped you to overcome your own cravings.

Children are inherently selfish. You must focus this all on him.

2) Make sure you feed him PLENTY at mealtimes. Calculate his calories and feed him solid, structured meals. If he is snacking all day, it is because he has gotten into the habit because his meals were neither satisfying nor did they provide adequate calories or nutrition. Feed him too much for a few weeks until you figure out the right amount. The first few days this will be a struggle, but make him eat enough at mealtimes only. he will no longer have an apetite for unhealthy snacks.

Disclaimer: I only have experience with one child and one set of circumstances. Yours is different. I have tried many different approaches to solving our problems. My suggestions are the things that were finally successful for us.

Good luck.

PS- I am also 811rv. I read your blog. Keep up the healthful living. My family also runs a homestead and dumpster dive. Keep up your food freedom. If you'd like to email me, my address is

Anonymous said...

It sounds like a good idea about your son. My mom used to be more hardline with me about eating junk but then when my parents were working so much and I had my own money, I could eat whatever junk I wanted. Then when I moved out on my own for the first time I gained about 20 lbs! So, it may be tough now but in the long run, it's a good idea.


Greenmama said...

Uncle Smokey,

I REALLY appreciate your lengthy post and will work to implement some of your suggestions.

My husband and I are on top of the supervision aspect (we caught him within a day of him getting the stash and he hadn't eaten much). Talking about how eating junk makes HIM moody and irritable and have cravings, we'll work on that. And we'll also make sure he's eating more substantially at mealtimes. It seems to help to have him help with meal preparation.


I had a similar experience to you as a child. And now look, we've both gravitated back to what our parents were trying to teach us (sort-of... my parents weren't vegetarian let alone raw vegan, but my mom cared a lot about "proper" nutrition and eating fruit and veggies.)

I can hope!

:), Marjorie

jgunn said...

lol i never really considered the raw vegan pee being different but perhaps yer right .. i dont reallyknow .. or maybe i have years of built up pee around the area to deter them .. i do remmber it wasnt a quick fix but i definitely dont have the problems i used to with critters hehe .. but i still have a carnivore contributing to my pee supply lol

they do sell wolf urine or coyote urine in some places .. the only thing i worried aobut then was attracting ssaid carnivores when theyre in an amorous mood ..or worse neighborhood dogs lol

jgunn said...

this is the portable sheep fencing i had to put up when i sheep and goats years ago that would attempt my garden pee or not lol

Greenmama said...

Thanks, Jgunn! I love all the tips.

Anonymous said...

I think you are attracting more critters to the area because animals "mark" their spot. If the spot has been marked by an another animal, a new one will tend to remark it in the same area. I read on someone else's blog that metallic pinwheels help, especially with the birds. good luck,