Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Let me put a bug in your ear...

Photo by Silvano Cervelli

Working in an organic garden gives me new appreciation of insects. Every day, I see hundreds of different varieties of beetles, ants, worms, butterflies, moths, flies, mites, and grubs. I have no idea, for the most part, which insects are "beneficial" and which are going to munch my vegetables. But I appreciate the intricate web of life and enjoy all of the sizes, shapes, and colors of these little beings.

Today, I got some weeding done and planted yellow and white patty-pan squash, more green beans, and cucumbers.

I also made off with an impressive haul from Aldi. Sixteen beautiful just-ripe avocados (not even a bruise on them!) were the prize of the day.

I followed through with my commitment to get more exercise and did Kathy Smith's Functionally Fit Peak Fat Burning video--40 minutes of high intensity intervals mixed with squats and other strength training moves. Whew!

Today's Food

9:30 a.m. About 12 cups of watermelon
12 p.m. About 8 cups of watermelon
4 p.m. 5 small bananas, about 1/4 C. of mulberries off the tree
7 p.m. Lots of red and green leaf lettuce and iceberg dressed with 1 whole avocado mixed with the juice of 2 oranges

About 2,000 calories

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