Sunday, May 6, 2007

Sowing the Seeds

Sorry, a little Tears for Fears reference for everyone who remembers 1989...

Today we spent 6 hours planting in our big garden at our friends' farm. It was super-windy, but we managed to keep our seeds from blowing away. It was nice to have my dear husband's help since it gets lonely out there sometimes. And it makes the work go twice as fast. Our friends were nice enough to entertain the kids all day. They fed chickens and visited the new baby chicks and other farm stuff.

We planted carrots, radishes, onion sets, spinach, endive, fava beans, rainbow chard, broccoli raab, and peas. Our first planting of lettuce is about thumb-sized now. As predicted, my rows of broccoli, cabbage, etc. were very crooked, but this time we used stakes and string and made a garden design around the crooked rows.

Today's eating:

10 a.m. 1 C. seedless watermelon (not sweet at all. Bummer!), 3/4 of a large cantaloupe

Snack in between planting 1 C. grapes

Around 2 p.m. 3/4 banana (I dropped it and didn't eat the dirty parts.) , 1 C. or so of lettuce thinnings from the garden

6 p.m. A huge salad of romaine, sprouts, lentil sprouts, chopped red and yellow peppers, chopped celery, shredded carrot, a tablespoon of hempseed, and dressing made with blended avocado, tomato, celery, cucumber, onion powder, Italian seasoning, sea salt and fresh lemon juice

9:30 Ice cream made with frozen mangoes, cashews, a little frozen banana and water, about 3 oz. of cashews also

And, of course, eating late and eating so many nuts made me feel lethargic and dehydrated.

Well, it is transition...

Instead of going to bed like I should have, I made Essene bread and some crackers and am sitting here blogging.

Well, tomorrow's a new day.

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