Sunday, May 20, 2007


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Where have I been? Well, I've been job training, gardening, mushroom hunting (no luck), playing with my friends, attending my daughter's preschool graduation, selling at the Farmer's Market (I made $8) and of course, loving my kids, dumpster diving, cleaning my house, and other routine stuff. I planted some really cool stuff--unusual heirloom tomatoes and red okra, among other things.

I have to report that we finally had some good luck this weekend! We got a washing machine off of Freecycle. Ours broke a month ago and it was going to cost more to repair it than it would for a new one. We couldn't afford either. But thanks to a wonderful Freecycler, we're back in the laundry business.

And, even more lucky, I got a free toilet. The same week that our washer broke, our upstairs toilet tank cracked at 3 a.m., scaring the heck out of us and spilling gallons of water on the floor. We hadn't replaced it, again, because of funds. I was driving along and saw a toilet on the side of the road with a cardboard sign that said,


I assume they meant they replaced this toilet because they remodeled, not that the toilet was remodeled. How would you remodel a toilet? :)

I have been firmly following my raw fruit and greens regime. I have rid the house of temptations like nuts and raisins and tahini, so it is easier to stick to. I have had cravings for bean burritoes lately. I really need to up the calories a bit because of my active life, but there's not much great fruit right now and not much money... Can't wait to start eating more out of the garden. I can harvest my Four Seasons lettuce this week!

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