Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A Gorgeous Day to be Gardening...

We were low on food, so I headed to the store with our last $30. (Luckily, there's a paycheck coming this week). I went across town because Sullivan's supposedly had a case of mangos for $3.99! I don't normally shop there unless there are some big sales like this one.

When I got there, they had about a dozen mangoes on the display. No cases. It took me awhile to track someone down, and they had no idea about the case sale. They showed me a circular that had the 2 for 79 cents sale price, but not the case price. Of course, I hadn't brought my circular with me. So, I bought 4 mangos, a large seedless watermelon, 3 red pears, and 5 lbs. of Red Delicious apples (also on sale) for $15.

Then we headed for Aldi. I took a quick peek in the dumpster and got a cantaloupe. There was a huge pile of white bread, hotdog and hamburger buns. Well, that was real garbage anyway... so I left it. In Aldi, we purchased 2 lbs. of red grapes, 3 cucumbers, a 3-pack of peppers, 3 lbs. of Gala apples, and about 20 lbs. of bananas for $13.

(My husband had to run an errand and he took the sales flier advertising the mango price back to the store. They issued him a raincheck... Something to look forward to!)

After our shopping, we headed to our garden at our friend's farm. Look how tiny my girls look in the picture and it will give you a hint of just how big this garden is. About 15 times bigger than I've ever planted before. The red stuff in the foreground amongst the weeds is our Four Seasons Lettuce. Some for us, some for the Farmer's Market... if I get it weeded.

The girls helped me plant peppers and 5 kinds of tomatoes.

Today's eating included:

Cantaloupe, red grapes, bananas, a smoothie with mixed berries and bananas, mango, and a big salad with romaine, cucumber, tomato, red and yellow pepper, sprouts (French Garden mix), and a little shredded carrot. Oh, and some raisins while watching LOST!

Now, I'm up TOO LATE. I have a big day tomorrow with all-day training for my new job.


jgunn said...

hiya greenmama been following your blog for a while ..

just wanted to post that if the weeding is getting out of control ..i used to cut strips of old carpet and put them down between the rows to stop the growth of weeds.. cheaper then landscape fabric and it works awesome

old cotton sheet would work too

you might wanna try experimenting with squarefoot gardening next year or this year if you still have space ... more yeild per squarefoot and less weeds

the idea uses raised beds but that is not needed the idea is usefull with or without raised beds

jessica said...

oh what a disapointment with the sale flyer...for the case of mangoes. good you got a raincheck. also 2 for .79 is a good price. wish we had that here in new york.

Greenmama said...

Thanks for the gardening suggestions. We do follow the square foot gardening method. As you can see, we plant in a four foot wide strip, rather than small rows. But, it still has its limitations.

Great idea about the sheets to cover the walking paths.

I also plan to mulch with organic straw in between the larger plants.


Greenmama said...


When we went back for our raincheck mangoes, we were told they couldn't honor it because it was a misprint. BOO!

Oh well,


Raw Vegan Mama said...

Sorry about the raincheck thing, but WOOHOO! Lots of good things happening over there!

So happy for you.