Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Watermelon Face

Finally, a truly yummy watermelon.
I have been getting lax on reporting my food intake for the day. I do keep track at SparkPeople.com, but I know it was helpful to me when starting out to get an idea of just what a raw vegan would eat... so I'll try to post my food intake more often. Not that you should take my eating habits as a suggestion! I am still learning.
8 a.m. 4 C. of watermelon
10 a.m. Most of a medium cantaloupe
1 p.m. A large salad with iceberg lettuce and dressing made from blended cucumber, celery, Italian seasoning, onion powder, cumin, and a sprinkle of salt
3:30 A small Hawaiian papaya, 1 mango
5:30 A large salad with iceberg lettuce and a dressing made from banana and raspberries
8:30 Blended bananas and frozen strawberries.
Only about 1,000 calories. I feel hungry and could eat now, but 11 p.m. is not a good time to eat! I will survive until breakfast. I am still working through how much and when and what to eat.
Speaking of which, I am becoming aware that I am not resting enough! On Path to Health, Elchanan recently said something that really made sense... "Food is only one aspect of health. And it's not necessarily the most important." (It's a paraphrase.) So with that, I must be off to my bed.


Raw Vegan Mama said...

What a cute pic!

You brave mama, letting your little one eat watermelon in a fabric chair! lol!
My kids will never be that good at eating! I think will be in a highchair until the 8th grade at the rate we are going!

Greenmama said...

Ha ha! Good eyes. Well, it's her daddy's chair, so...

:), Marjorie