Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Feeling better

Today I woke up with the same ache in my throat that I've had for a week, as well as some nasal blockage. But I felt a bit more energy and not so flu-ish. I have also been coughing up some mucous, which I take to be a good sign. After my shower, I felt about 80% and decided this would be a lovely day.

We are running alarmingly low on fruit. Sigh. No money until Friday, and after we pay the bills, not much left then, either. At least there's celery...

Wednesdays are the day that we go to preschool storytime at the library after dropping my son off at school, so I knew I better eat something before I left or I'd be ready to gnaw someone's head off before we got back at 11 a.m. So I sliced up 2 Bartlett pears before we left the house at 8:15. Unfortunately (for me anyway), I only got to eat one, since all of the kids begged for some.

We walked to the school and then headed downtown toward the library. I was watching a neighbor's son while she got a tooth pulled and he kept complaining about how far it was (not used to walking and he had his healthy breakfast of a PopTart). Then my daughter had to go to the bathroom. So we had to stop at a local business to use the bathroom. I had some fliers to post for my garden club's plant sale, so we made some more stops along the way.

By this time, it was about 9:15 and I was getting quite hungry. Being hungry makes me nervous! I stopped in the little grocery store downtown. I only had about a dollar in change and their produce was horrible and overpriced! I spent 50 cents on an orange, but had to share it with the three kids, so... But a quarter of an orange relaxed me and helped me last the next couple of hours.

We went to the library finally. I had missed last week since we were sick, so I didn't realize that story time was on break until June. Oops. Luckily, none of the kids got upset. They read and played with the library's toys happily for an hour and then we walked home around 10:45.

On the way home, I realized I had a jar of soaked, dried almonds in the bag and so we shared some of those. I only ate about 1/2 an ounce. I certainly overdid the nuts yesterday.

For lunch, I made a big salad with romaine, 12 oz. defrosted raspberries, and chopped celery, but had to share that, too. I was still hungry, so I choked down an overripe banana. Man, I have to find another calorie dense, affordable fruit. Bananas just don't do it for me. I do have 3 cantaloupes ripening on the counter. I wish they'd hurry up already!

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