Monday, May 28, 2007

Cows Gone Wild

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So my garden has an awful lot of hoofprints in it today. Grrrr. My friends have a small herd of Charolais that has been in the family for over 100 years. Yeah, sounds cool, until they get through the fence and trample your tomatoes. Actually, they didn't do too much damage considering. They only got about a dozen plants.

Today I planted green zebra tomatoes, Dragon Langerie beans, and yellow French Filet beans. I also did some much-needed weeding. I was at it for almost 6 hours. My neck is sore from leaning over the ground. Guess my head is pretty heavy. LOL!

Then I headed for Aldi's dumpster. And went BANANAS! I got about 50 pounds of over-ripe bananas. Of course about 1/4 of them were compost, but the rest went into the freezer for smoothies.
Speaking of smoothies, I was disappointed to read (while drinking my morning smoothie) that bananas and strawberries are not a good combo, since you're not supposed to combine acid fruits and sweet fruits.

I am really struggling with my up and down emotions. The last few days have been heavy on social events centered around food. First off, it was a big step for me to just have fun (at least most of the time). The great thing I can report was that I didn't want to eat junk food! The frustrating part is not wanting other people to eat it. Obviously, I can't and shouldn't be able to make other people's choices. There are some other issues buried there, but I'm too upset to even talk about them right now. Maybe in another post.


Jgunn said...

darn cows lol ..well i hope they at least left ya a little fertilizer ;)
your lettuce loooks loverly !! i like the oddball tasting and looking salad greens me thats luxury !!
ANYbody can have a hunk of boring ol' iceberg


Greenmama said...

Thanks a lot! The lettuce is beautiful, but a bit...strong.

I've been mixing it with iceberg (and romaine) to sweeten it up. LOL!