Monday, April 30, 2007

Raw Radiance

I got this gem from Jinjee in my e-mail inbox today:

"When you are truly healthy, you are magnetic! When you are truly healthy you radiate! When you are truly healthy you attract your dreams to you! When you are truly healthy you have so much energy to give, share, and live an amazing life! You attract your mission. You are poised and ready to do the unique work you were meant for! You move forward at the speed of light! You are accelerated! You are living at the speed of life!!! When you are truly healthy you feel so good, look so good, and love the feeling of moving in your body. You have moves."


(Go to to read her entire blog.)

If I had read this a few months ago, my mind would have immediately split in half. There would be the part that would intuitively embrace it and the part that would cynically reject it as hype. Now, after only a couple days in a row of raw, I can tell you that I am totally embracing this! If you are like I was, I say, give it a try. Open yourself up and ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE HAPPY.

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