Sunday, April 29, 2007

Plenty of sunshine headed our way... and also a thunderstorm

I woke up feeling fantastic, despite the sleep deprivation. I also saw a loss on the scale, which was a welcome sight.

I am so glad I resisted the urge to eat late at night, since I know I wake up bloated and crabby when I do.

I had a late breakfast of 3 Gala apples--so crisp and delicious. An hour later I snacked on a banana. Unfortunately, I really don't like bananas all that much, except in smoothies, which I try to limit. How can a wannabe rawist survive without bananas?!?

An update on our cat. He will eat roast pork, although in small quantities. I am still feeling guilty and hope to get him better food soon. I plan to do some research on feeding cats raw. My first thought is perhaps some raw eggs?

Today a friend came over and I sold her $30 worth of pasta, flours and baking products. I also gave her a bunch of other foods like pickled jalapenos and curry paste. Woohoo! Feels great to be clearing out.

Because of her visit, I got distracted and didn't make my lunch until I was shaky and feeling irritable and unable to concentrate. I felt much better once I started to eat. I had 6 cups of romaine, half of a cucumber (peeled), half of a red pepper (chopped), 2 stalks of celery (chopped), a small carrot (grated), and a large portion of that yummy creamy dressing I made yesterday. My toddler snuck up and ate some of my plate, but luckily I got most of it. After eating, I felt much better!

While my friend was there, I got my co-op order together. She's thinking of joining and we're putting in a joint order. We are splitting some amaranth and wheatberries that I plan to sprout. I also splurged on 5 lbs. of dates. I have really been wanting some! I know 5 lbs. will last about 5 minutes in this house, but what can I do.

I really wanted to hang out my laundry and get some planting done, but a sudden thunderstorm moved in right after my friend left.

Instead the laundry went in the dryer and I made salads with iceberg lettuce and peppers and cut up melons for my husband and the kids, who don't care a thing about food combining. I also made them some fruit smoothies.

Here's what I ate for dinner. Four cups of iceberg. A dressing made with about 2/3 C. thawed blueberries, 1/2 C. thawed papaya, 1 banana, some juice from a thawed package of frozen fruit salad, and 1 large leaf of kale (destemmed) blended in the Vitamix. A couple of sips of my kids tropical fruit smoothie.

We were treated after dinner with the sight of a rainbow!

What a nice way to end the day.

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