Sunday, January 3, 2010

Celebrating the New Year of the New Me!

I am ready for big things in 2010 and have started out the New Year living my intentions.

January 1st, I fasted on water with the lovely folks at the Naked Food Cafe. I have been enjoying lovely fruits and greens since then. I even served tater tots, a long-time cheat food, to my family today without popping a single one in my mouth. And I didn't feel disappointed at all. They actually kinda stink.

I got a cheapy little electric orange juicer yesterday and we made our first yummy OJ today. My 10 year-old set it up for me and read the directions, and he and the girls did a lot of the juicing while I made the rest of the dinner. Fun and delicious! It was easy to go through 8 lbs. of oranges in one meal, however, which brought up some of my fears about money and the price of feeding my family quality food. Deep breath. Letting it go for right now.

After only 3 days without salt and other junk, I am already feeling a lot less achey and bloated than I usually do. I had fun rebounding vigorously for 30 minutes, as I recovered from my respiratory illness much more easily. However, I have had a little bit of trouble with the timing and quantity of my food, so I am undereating and a bit hungry. Not to worry. I have ripe bananas and frozen raspberries, so I will have a nice big meal for breakfast and get back on track. I also have lots of Barhi dates. Mmmm.

After some research, including this article by Don Bennett, I decided that our family are all going to take a Vitamin D supplement. I am not thrilled about this, but have decided that it is the best we can do for our health in our current location. I have been dreaming a lot about our future tropical paradise where I will grow fruit trees and bask in the glorious rays of the sun year-round. (Hear that, universe?)

I am so happy to have my family and friends, especially the lovely online raw community I have found through this blog, and to celebrate the reawakening of my hope and joy in this lovely New Year.


Raw Hiker said...

Wishing you all the health, happiness and joy you desire in 2010! I'll be interested to hear about your experiences with vit. D. My family all supplement and are pushing me to do so, but I haven't yet.

Anonymous said...
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Connie said...

Sounds like the beginning of the best year ever Marjorie!

Love & Sunshine!

Via811 said...

I'm so glad to see you blogging again. I'll catch up on your posts asap. Congratulations on the new addition to your beautiful family!

Tina said...

Heej Marjorie,

Thank you so much for the sweetness you left on my blog! From what you tell me about cultural anthropology, I can tell that I'll like it a lot!

And I'm definitely going to be asking your advice on books! I can never choose, cause there are so many and I don't know where to start!

But if you can give me pointers on being an English teacher, that would be nice too, seeing as that's what I want to do in my gap year (but that's English as a Foreign Language though).

I'm so proud of you for serving your ex-cheat-food and not snacking on it! That is really an achievement, I know how tempting it can be to "just try one"...

I'm wishing you all the best for the new year and I'm adding you to my roll :D


Greenmama said...

Hi Via,

Thanks for stopping by and for your compliments on our little cutie.


Hi Tina,

Thanks for adding me and for your encouraging comments. I am enjoying your blog and your adventures.

I was a high school English teacher. I volunteered at an adult ESL class for 3 months one time. But I don't know anything about TOEFL or any of that stuff.

I'd be happy to give you book recommendations any time.