Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Under new management...

The other day, on the way to a party, I told my children that I trusted them to choose what they ate, and to accept the consequences of their choices. I literally said, "I am no longer going to be the boss of what you eat." And this time, I said it with an open spaciousness, not through clenched teeth, like I have in the past.

Today, in a counseling session with the lovely Sarah Peyton, I had a nice dialogue with my inner manager. You know, God Bless her, this little manager has worked overtime the last few years, with the best of intentions. She just wants everyone (including me) to be healthy and happy. She has done a lot of research and she really has the secrets. But nobody listens to her! Probably cuz nobody wants to be bossed around. So, she is retiring. She is going to trust me to make decisions from a deeper place of wisdom and self-love. And she is going to trust the children to do the same. It took awhile for her to express her fear that we are all going to eat ourselves to death. Then she calmed down and seemed to be looking forward to the vacation.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that sounds like a major shift, Marjorie! It does sound more peaceful. I will be anxiously awaiting updates! :-) Love, Laurie

Anonymous said...

Good job Marjorie. Keep us posted on how it goes. It isn't easy but is there really any other option? No matter how hard we try and how good our intentions, we cannot control the behavior of other people. Speaking for myself, it is all I can do to control my own behavior! lol!

Love & Sunshine!

Anonymous said...

Marjorie, thank you! There's joyfulness in your wisdom. :-) Here's to hoping it sparks some letting go in me! ♥Kim

Anonymous said...

I wanted to comment on the post before this one but wasn't sure if you read it if I left the comment there. I think another category of hunger is hunger when a person isn't eating enough fat. Fat adds satiety as opposed to just feeling full like when I've eaten lots and lots of fruit. I strive to eat 20% of my calories as healthy fats such as raw nuts and seeds, flaxseed oil,naturally occurring fats in fruits and vegetables, avacados, and olive oils. I tried to eat 811rv for a few years and it didn't work for me since I was stuffing myself with loads of fruits and vegetables and then feeling hungry within a few hours. What helped me was to eat a little more fat. I feel much better and so much less hungry.


Greenmama said...

Hi all,

Thanks to all of you for the support. I wanted to clarify that my manager is retired from managing me, as well. Perhaps that wasn't clear in my post.

I am looking forward to gravitating towards health because it feels good, not because I'm "supposed to" or because I "have to" or because some expert educated part of myself insists that it's the "right thing to do." A whole new paradigm. Whew!