Saturday, December 26, 2009

Fruity Filled Fitness Challenge

Sarah from Living the Fruity Life set up this challenge to help motivate us all to fit in a little more fitness. In the past I have had the following mindset when it came to challenges like these:

"I should work out more."
"I must force myself to be virtuous and work hard."
"I have to do my workouts so I won't embarrass myself or let others down."

Not surprisingly, this created a lot of resistance within me, and led to a lot of procrastination. Usually, I would drop out and do even less exercise than I was doing when the challenge began.

This time, I have a new perception of challenges.

"I don't have to force myself to do things I don't like in order to be healthy."
"I feel great when I get physical activity."
"Challenges are fun... like solving a puzzle or playing a game!"
"It is my choice each moment... I can work out for 1 minute or 100 or not at all. I can start and not finish or change what activity I am doing midstream. Being in choice feels free and fun!"
"Joining with others on a challenge is a fun way to connect and build community."

As a result, I am exercising almost every day now with joy.


Anonymous said...

Great to hear, Marjorie. That's what we all want--more peace and joy. What good does health do if we can't enjoy it?! Laurie

Sarah said...

I love your approach. I actually gave myself permission to stop right in the middle of my routine today. That would have never happened in the past. Your former excuses sounded exactly like mine used to sound. I'm so glad the change in perspective is working for you. I'm finding this challenge more fun and much easier than former challenges. Thanks for being a part!!!


Anonymous said...

We have been doing squats, push ups, and sit ups every night and it has been fun!

Love & Sunshine!

Phoenix's Muse said...

I've found that I have to relax and be the same way about it sometimes just to regain my sanity. Unfortunately, it results in very short workouts that don't last long at all. I get a lot more in when I really push myself, but then I eventually burn out. I think I just need to start up dance classes or something, since I love exercise during dance.