Monday, January 28, 2008

Accepting imbalance

Well, there are significant improvements going on inside of me!

I first took a bit of inspiration from Enki philosopy...

"In order to really learn something new, we must suspend the world we know and just receive or take in the new, in its own right. If we don't do this we are only re-learning what we already know. Opening to the new does require welcoming or at least accepting a kind of imbalance, what Piaget calls a disequilibrium."

Beth Sutton

Oh, so it's o.k. to be dizzy? LOL!

Fear of failure. Why? If I constantly derail myself, then I have already failed. Better to accept that everyone wobbles, falls, and then stands again to move on. Better to be patient with myself as I learn.

"When our fundamental confidence rests in our inherent wisdom and vitality, and not in what we know or own (our territory), we will welcome this disequilibrium."

Beth Sutton

I believe we are all, by design, gifted with wisdom and life. It is buried under a layer of fat, maybe. We might drown it out with idle chatter, with learned fears and entrenched habits. But we can find it, if we look and listen.


Anonymous said...

Marjorie, Your post made me think of a baby learning to walk. In the beginning there is a lot of falling and very little walking. How did we forget that it is persistence that matters the most?

Happy Day!

Sarah said...


I just sent you an email. If you wanna reply, can you reply to my first and last name at gmail?

((hugs)) :)

pixywinks said...

Great post!

Greenmama said...

Thanks a lot you all!

Connie, a baby walking... that's exactly what I was thinking! And they hardly ever get mad about falling either. They just try again and again.

That resiliency is in here somewhere. :)


Stacy said...

Hi Marjorie:

Just wanted to say I'll miss you on the challenge, and am rooting for your continued success! I was saddened you left. If you want, you can email me at stacydw at

Take care, and keep in touch!


Harmony said...


I will also be missing you on the challenge! It's unfortunate what happened. :( I wish you all the best and will keep in touch.


Greenmama said...

Hi Stacy and Harmony,

Thanks for your encouragement. I will miss you all and be with you in spirit. I know you are headed for great things!

I am going to continue on my own journey and I feel good about that. And I AM going to get out of my cardio only rut and do some of those Russian twists... LOL! See ya round the blogosphere.


~eve~ said...

Hi Marjorie,

Oh dear I have totally missed what happened to you on the challenge....

Anyway I am dropping out since my life is moving very quickly in a different direction.

Keep up the good work though.


tyha said...

You are in a great place with yourself right now and though you aren't in the 'challenge' the support is still here for you in the blogosphere!
You are an encouragement to me and I look forward to continually sharing in successes!! Keep it up girl you ROCK!

Greenmama said...

Thanks for stopping by and being so kind, Eve and Tyha. All the best to you in your goals. You are still on my list of favorite blogs, so I will be visiting you there.

:), Marjorie

~eve~ said...

Wow Darice,

I think you should be a motivational speaker or raw food coach. You got me all excited! I just fell off the wagon 2 days ago but am definately all on again after reading your post.

Thanks so much.

Love eve