Thursday, August 23, 2007

Cute kids

Today I started classes in the library. I really loved spending time with the kids. They are funny and interesting. But there are so many of them and our time is so short. A cute little girl named Allisen wanted me to help her find a book on pigs, but unfortunately, I didn't have time. As it was, all of my classes were late returning because I had to have each child tell me his or her name before I could check them out, and I'm still getting the hang of all of the steps it takes to do a checkout. All of the kids are required to have two or three books, depending on their grade level, and I have to check the reading level of their Accelerated Reading book so that they are only taking books in their level so that they can take a quiz on them. Being on schedule is hugely important in a school. It is irritating that the schedule is the main thing, not the learning or the interacting of people, or even bodily needs like eating when hungry, drinking when thirsty, or going to the bathroom. It is also annoying to enforce such a rigid system for which books the children can choose. They are used to it and happy to comply, though.

Today I got an excellent lesson from a third grader. She was helping her friend, who was upset because her shiny Fruit Loops token was not in her backpack where she thought it was. The wise little third grader said, "The important thing is not to panic. When I lose my Polly Pocket slipper, I start to panic and then I can't look for it. But, if I CALM DOWN (here she made a large gesture with both hands to illustrate), then I usually find it right away." Her friend decided that maybe she had left her Fruit Loops token at home under her swan picture she drew where she keeps all of her special things. Ah, the wisdom of children.

My kids have their first hour of school tomorrow. They will go with their Dad to meet their teachers and turn in their school supplies. Then they have the rest of the day free to enjoy each other's company.

I got my first paycheck. Very exciting! It all went to overdue bills, but I am thankful.


jgunn said...

sounds like alot of fun and maybe you can incorperate YOUR way of doing things once you get settled :)

btw .. on the overdue bills .. dont forget yer an overdue bill yourself .. (i was told this by a credit counsellor years ago lol) yourself something ..even if its $10 ! tuck it away :)

Courtney said...

Ahhh, yes...the pay check! While you are at work, you cannot imagine why you are doing it, but then you get the pay check and it is so nice...

I hope your kids enjoyed their first day of school and meeting their teachers!


Margi (Mar-ghi) said...

Haha isn't that funny -- i need to take the lesson of that little girl. Today i freaked out because I thought I lost my wallet so I drove back to the doctors' thinking it was there. Meanwhile if I would have taken a minute to look I would have realized it had just fallen down the side between the seat and the door. I started crying when I thought I lost it and then when I found it I felt really stupid for wasting all that energy.

TheWriterStuff said...

You are living my dream. I always wanted to be a children's librarian. And you're right, there's a lot of wisdom to be learned from a third grader.