Friday, June 29, 2007


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I went to bed at a proper hour last night, so I didn't get a chance to blog about my day. Imagine that. So here's what happened yesterday.

The weather was nice and cool so my husband worked a bit longer at his painting job than he normally does. This gave me a chance to work on some housework, something I haven't done in ages, it seems. My husband has been taking care of things quite nicely while I've been gardening, but it was nice to scrub the kitchen and hang out some laundry myself.

When he returned, I headed to a friend's house with the girls to pick more raspberries. Mmmmm. Not many came home. My friend is one of my dumpster diving converts and so she also shared some of her dumpster finds with me--peppers, tomatoes, red grapes, and more.

My son has been suffering from some cleansing symptoms, so he rested on the couch all day and read books and slept. My daughter had a similar bout last week, so we all know it will pass. :) For some reason, he became obsessed with wanting to know how big the longest shrimp in the world is--maybe this was inspired by the full-color flier for Long John Silver's I found under his pillow? Anyway, you might like to know that the largest variety of shrimp in the world is the Black Tiger shrimp, which averages 21 centimeters in length, but a fisherman in Colombia caught one that was 40 centimeters long! Check it out here

I headed to my garden in the afternoon and did more weeding and replanted some okra where I didn't get good germination. My garden looks better every day and it is especially nice to have the cool weather to work in this week.

On my way home, I checked out a wild place near my friend's house to see if I could find any ripe berries. I tried some ripe gooseberries for the first time! I can see why they're mainly used in pies. Not bad but bland and somewhat tart at the same time and with a sort of strange consistency. Not something I'd go out of my way to pick again.

Yesterday's Food
12 p.m. About 3 cups black and red raspberries
2 p.m. 5 medium bananas
5 p.m. A few gooseberries, black raspberries, and mulberries
5:30 p.m. Salad with iceberg and endive, half an avocado, and a salsa made with grape tomatoes, zucchini, onion, cilantro, lime juice and a few sprinkles of spices and salt
8 p.m. Another salad with purslane and green leaf lettuce and more salsa

Approx. 1500 calories, C-P-F 80-8-12

No formal exercise.


~Anastazia~ said...

Ha, wish I'd gone to bed earlier myself, was up till dawn!
Mmmmm, rasberries are my faves! Wish i could get access to them organically more often!
My daughter loved the info on shrimp, made her really curious, though she doesn't eat them.
I meant to tell you something about the Jane Fonda workout video's, there were some dangerous to your body moves found on them, manybe you can google them & see if there's any reveiws online you can read, to find out which exercises to avoid....I remember doing that video with my friend, & us longing to get some striped leg-warmers! Lol!
i have a ? about the dumpster do you deal with concerns about germs/ bacteria that
may be growing wild in the dumpsters? That would be my hesitation...I guess you could carry antibacterial hand cleaner that doesn't need water to use...
..I'd love to hear you comments on this.

Jgunn said...

thats funny about yer kid and the shrimp lol

geeze i hope they didnt eat it .. something that has managed to live long enough to get bigger then all the rest deserves the respect of release