Saturday, June 2, 2007

Finally, some rest

My favorite napping photo ever. That's my youngest when she was about 9 months old. Too bad that the photo quality is so poor. And too bad about those cooked peas on her tray. Oh well, I didn't know any better.

Today was Farmer's Market. It rained a bit just before market and just as market was ending. Attendance was down, but not too bad. I made a whopping $8, which I managed to spend all before I left. Luckily, my friend Kristi who shares her booth with me did pretty well. I only sold ONE bag of lettuce. Although I'm not a smoothie person, I'm going to be making a whole lot of green smoothies to use up all of this darn lettuce this week.

After market, I took a much-needed 2 1/2 hour nap. I woke up feeling a bit under the weather and I know I need to get more rest. After my nap, I took it pretty easy and spent some quality time with the family and relaxed. Tonight, I've been having fun hanging out at the Really Raw Food Forum. What a great bunch of people!

Today I ate:

9:30 10 C. of watermelon (immediately felt sick, almost like I would throw up, but it passed quickly)

3:45 (after my nap) Ate 2/3 of a medium cantaloupe. It was soft and juicy, but not sweet. Annoying.

6:15 Large salad of romaine, Four Seasons lettuce and red pepper with blended raspberries, bananas and more Four Seasons lettuce on top

About 950 calories for the day because I missed lunch.


Courtney said...

What an adorable photo! I am glad to hear that, like your daughter, you too are taking more time to sleep!


jgunn said...

cute pic :)

well what you dont sell you can eat yourself so that in itself is making money by not having to buy stuff !

i read a few posts back about you forgettingwhat you want to blog .. i was thinking maybe you can go on freecycle in your area and see if someone will give away a personal recorder ..

the old ones that use little tapes (ive seen them in my area all the time for free with tapes included!) theyre great for jotting down mental notes :)