Sunday, June 10, 2007

A Day of Rest?

I slept in until 10:30 this morning. I needed it!

I did a lot of puttering around town doing errands and talking with people. Today, the universe sent me someone who gave me lots of free advice about running your own business. And about where to get a greenhouse (possibly free?!?). I'll have an inner city herb farm yet.

My husband also scored a job moving some rocks. Yep, that's right. Not a bad-paying little gig, and it might turn into more odd jobs. We could definitely use the grocery money!

Tomorrow, we are headed to visit my family and go swimming with them. Should be fun. I'm a little frustrated because I took a bit of a spill down the stairs this afternoon (carrying my daughter, thank goodness she didn't get hurt!). Now my legs have very painful scrapes on them and so I may not be able to get in the pool tomorrow after all. But if not, I'll just enjoy the sun.

Maybe I'll do some healing while I sleep. Maybe I'll actually get in bed at a decent hour! O.k., not maybe, I WILL.

Today's food...

11:30 a.m. About 12 C. watermelon
3:30 p.m. About 3 C. sweet cherries
4:00 p.m. A big salad with Four Seasons lettuce and leaf lettuce w/ a blended dressing made with roma tomatoes, red pepper, yellow pepper, iceberg lettuce, lime juice, fresh oregano, cumin and onion powder
6:00 p.m. Another big salad with Four Seasons lettuce and leaf lettuce with a very similar dressing (I added a bit of kelp powder this time--just a pinch)
9:00 p.m. About 3 more C. of sweet cherries

(I've gotta get back to eating a big enough dinner and not eating late! Not good for my sleep.)

Speaking of which, GOOD NIGHT!

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