Monday, May 7, 2007

Transforming the world for our children

"For me personally, there is only one issue worldwide. It is not the war. It is not the economy, or all of these other political distractions. It’s the environment. We are still lucky; we’re young enough to have experienced pristine environments. But if things keep going how they are going, in 300 years our descendents will have never experienced a pristine environment. We can’t allow that to happen. We have all of the technology. We have all of the solutions. There is no problem we have in this world today where there is not a solution. If we implement those solutions, each individually in our own daily lives — just in America — we would transform the planet immediately — instantaneously. It is totally within our power. It basically comes down to “hey, let’s eat organic. Let’s eat more raw food. Let’s grow more of our own food. Let’s have more fun.” That right there will lead to paradise on earth."

David Wolfe

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