Thursday, July 1, 2010

My excuse for not blogging...I'm in the garden!

See the Scarlet Runner beans and Christmas limas on the fence behind me? Hopefully I'll spot a hummingbird sipping from the red flowers...

My landlord was kind enough to rototill these strips in a sunny location. Here's where my melons and tomatoes are planted.

I made an hugelkulture bed and planted potatoes in it. This was quite an endevour to build and I was lucky to get free soil from a neighbor.

This is the original garden plot. As you can see, there is a big tree shading it, and there is also a tree on the other side, not shown in this picture. Not enough sun for melons or tomatoes, but other things manage. I have a lot of different things interplanted, as well as weeds. If you were to blow this up, you could pick out lettuce, beets, peas, kale, and sunflowers. In the back, in front of and beside the bean fence, are dry beans, lots of cucumber hills, and more potatoes.

This is a cute picture of my baby's butt right next to a banana tree. This little table houses all of my new dwarf fruit trees. 3 bananas, a fig, a pomegranate, a pineapple (not a tree), and a quartet of citrus. They are doing great. More pictures and garden info coming soon!


Anonymous said...

Love it! You always look happiest in the garden. :) Did you start your pineapple from a top? I have several tops with lots of roots in the water on the windowsill that I need to put in soil.

Love & Sunshine!

Anonymous said...

So awesome!! Marjorie, it looks like you've created a slice of gardening paradise. I love seeing pics of fruities flourishing in the sun. ;-)

Maybe when I come visit, I can play--I mean help--too. :)

JodiGunn said...

well the best excuse for not blogging is definitely gardening...!!! look at all that stuff , yum ! :)

Greenmama said...

Hi friends! Glad someone is still reading. :)

Connie, I actually have not had any luck starting pineapple tops. They always rot before they sprout. I bought this one potted from a seed catalog. It had one large one and a couple of tag-along babies.

Kim, I can't wait to have you over, and if you insist, I can let you pull weeds. LOL! :)


Terry said...

Great looking garden. I just have this little weeeee spot. But next year, I hope I have the time to make it bigger.

I have an APRON GIVEAWAY going on and hope you can enter. Terry

By the way, I just became a follower

Anonymous said...

Why is the baby naked? Are you poor or do you pretend that you´re in the jungle so why not be naked yourself? Why must children be naked?

Greenmama said...

Dear Anonymous,

Your comments suggest that you are feeling uncomfortable or upset. If you would like to share your concerns then I would be happy to talk with you.

I would also enjoy knowing who I am talking to.



Eco-Mom said...

That photo is just adorable! Very jealous of your garden and hope I can soon start one of my own. All the best!