Thursday, April 17, 2008


And by that, I mean, RIPE, ORGANIC, fruit. Sigh. It is soooo hard to get any decent fruit right now, except for the ubiquitous bananas, which I am sorry to say, I don't like much.

I have been getting conventional Texas watermelons for $8 apiece a lot lately. Unfortunately, less than half of them are properly ripe, despite my attempts to properly thump and scrutinize them.

Further personal updates... The irresponsible compost pile has been moved. We got a warning notice from the city that we had 4 days to get rid of it or get a citation. It took over 70 5-gallon buckets to move it! And, it was stinky and heavy. The groundhog is sad. I saw him run up to the spot where the pile used to be and look around in confusion, then run back to his burrow. We left him some apple cores at his front door, and they were gone the next morning.

We are finally moving this week. The house is completely ready, and we are on our way.

The community garden project is kicking off another season, and we are seeing a huge increase in participation. I am beginning to learn to delegate and to relinquish my control freak tendencies, with great results. I couldn't be more enthusiastic about how wonderful it is going.

And maybe it's just the sunshine, and birdsong, and warming temperatures, but I am feeling optimistic about almost everything.


R&A said...

Seriously.....oranges and bananas are getting old! At least strawberries are a good price now.

Via811 said...

Try the asian stores. I've found some incredible stuff there. Ciao

Sarah said...

You've been getting Texas watermelons?! I can't find any and I LIVE in Texas!

Lisa, aka Pixywinks said...

It's been a crappy year for TX watermelons for sure.

Sarah, I finally found a good one at Fiesta grocery the other day that was an actual large size watermelon with seeds. I got 5 quarts of juice out of that puppy, which I'm sipping on!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the move! I hope all goes well!


lemonbalm2 said...

I know what you mean about bananas. I don't care for them either but since my store has started carrying organic bananas I can eat them. There is a nasty taste in commercial ones.

A Natural Soul said...

Just found your blog I am Illinois also. I am trying to be RAW too been on and off for a few years now. Looking forward to reading more of your blog.