Monday, February 4, 2008

Ooey, gooey, oh so delicious!

We finally got our dates today. The Date People are awesome folks with an even more awesome product, but they aren't exactly "all business." You might have to call, wait, make a couple of calls, and wait some more. But trust me, it is soooo worth it.

We ordered three varieties that we have never tried before: Halawi, Barhi, and Amir Hajj. All three are phenomenal, and quite unique.

Considering the amount of calories in one date, they are extremely reasonable in price. And, of course, they are extremely kid-friendly. My son says they are his favorite food, and frequently talks about how he plans to move to California when he grows up so that he can catch fish and grow dates.


Sarah said...

Dates are one of my favorite fruits. They are so perfectly sweet and gooey. I've been considering placing an order with The Date People. My most recent order was with SunOrganic Farms, and the Honey dates were/are awesome.


Anonymous said...

They sound yummy Marjorie. That's funny that your son wants to catch fish. Christopher always talks about fishing and pretends he is fishing. When I remind him he doesn't eat fish, he says he will throw them back. I have not been able to impress on him that the hook hurts their mouth. lol! Apparently it is something that appeals to little boys. :)

Happy Day!

Sarah said...

You're making me huuuuungry :) My faves are honey dates, they taste like a sesame I grew up eating. Weird, no?

Anonymous said...


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