Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Change takes time

I am learning this... the hard way. I get an idea, an inspiration, something that rocks me to my core. It can be absolutely true! But it's not going to just manifest overnight. Sorry for all you fans of the Secret out there. I don't just get to will myself to be in Costa Rica tomorrow, and wake up there.

I have been bemoaning how challenging it can be to wait for the changes I seek. This morning, while reading through my Enki philosophy guides, I stumbled upon more wisdom about growth and learning. Growth or learning is a process of moving from the known, to the unknown. When we move to the unknown, we must go at it slowly, moving from our stable home base, out into that unknown. If we jump, all at once, into something completely foreign, then we will shut down, and learn nothing. But, if we never leave the familiar and safe, then we never grow. We must learn to accept and embrace our fears and challenges. We must be prepared to learn from ALL experience, including the mistakes. And we must be patient and put in the work! We can't expect to learn to surf or garden or play the guitar in one week, and then give it up when we don't immediately succeed.

Right now, my son tells me almost every day... "I don't care," or "I don't believe you." He is talking about many things. Our move. Homeschooling. Traveling to Costa Rica. The low-fat raw lifestyle.

But I see a glimmer in his eyes that tells me he is hopefully watching. He is waiting to see if *I* really believe what I say I believe in. He is trusting me to be the leader, even when he claims not to believe in anything I say.


Sarah said...

It's exciting (yet humbling) to know that impressionable eyes are watching us, just waiting to see what happens. I've learned that our actions speak much louder than our words ever could. I believe your son cares much more than he will admit, and one day he may just believe too :)


pixywinks said...

One step at a time, Grasshopper! Good insights.

Connie said...

Marjorie, I enjoyed reading about Enki at the link you supplied. I used Waoldorf, specifically Oak Meadow, with Suzanne, but with Christopher I think I will compare it to the Enki program. Was there anything about this program that drew you to it? They look like they are comparably priced.

Happy Day!

Greenmama said...

Hi Connie,

Enki is heavily influenced by Waldorf, but it has a multicultural focus, where Waldorf is heavily focused on the European/ Christian tradition.

Also, Enki has less focus on the teacher and direct instruction.

They weave in more contemporary educational theory. While it mirrors much of what Waldorf says about child development, the absence of arcane and mystical jargon is more palatable to me.

I am absolutely enamored!


Connie said...

Thanks Marjorie, I found Waldorf at Oak Meadow to be quite multi-cultural and not at all based in Christian or European tradition. Of course, the courses contain so many variables in their lesson choices, it could pretty much be whatever the student wanted it to be, but variety of materials and sources was required.

I am not sure what you are referring to as arcane or mystical, but I may have enjoyed that aspect! lol! I did not use it in the younger grades, but I do not think Oak Meadow has the emphasis on gnomes and such that I have heard about in some Waldorf schools. I have read the anti-Waldorf sites, but did not find the things they complained about at Oak Meadow.

Thanks for the information on Enki, I will look into it further. We were very happy with Waldorf, but it is always nice to see what is out there.

:) Connie

Sarah said...

Yes that is SO much to take on at one time! Our kids trust us so much though and we have to make the best of that while they're still little. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

Greenmama said...

First of all, I really appreciate that you ladies always come and give me a little comment to know you're nice enough to keep reading!

Connie, I am honestly not familiar with Oak Meadow's version of Waldorf. I like gnomes and fairies as well as anyone. LOL!Some of the Waldorf jargon I was referring to was the 3 bodies--physical, etheric, astral... The various temperments--melancholic, phlegmatic, sanguine. I am not an expert on Enki or on Waldorf by any stretch!!! I am still reading the Enki philosophy guides.

Enki's libraries of resource materials is really well-loved by everyone who has it, it seems.

Connie said...

Marjorie, I think Oak Meadows is probably a modernized version of Waldorf, without so much of the heavy metaphysical teachings of Steiner. In the grades we were working in, there was never even anything said about electronic media.

I also use an anthroposophic physician, on the rare occasion we use a doctor, and she does not get into the metaphysical aspects either. I love their medicines, much better than homeopathic, but available only through a physician, unfortunately. In fact she was not even supportive of a raw diet, even though Steiner did support that. I will look into Enki, it might be fun to do something different.

Oh, and I am glad to hear you like gnomes and fairies. lol! That was one of the things I kept reading about Waldorf that the parents did not like, walks to look for gnomes in the woods. That is a field trip I would volunteer for! :)

Thanks Again,

Lannette said...

I really look up to you homeschoolers. My sons are both away at college now but I know I wouldn't have had a clue as to homeschooling them. Helping with homework definitely, but homeschooling, nah.... It would have been recess too often. :)

I also admire you that are able to be 100% raw all the time. I was raw for a year actually a year and a half. I ended up eating way too much fat. (Fast food raw) Now I'm mostly raw, low fat and no oils and some lightly cooked vegetables, soups and stews. I look at it as a step away from raw to get to a higher level of raw.

Marjorie, if you would prefer that I not read/post on your blog please come right out and say so. I fully realize that I'm at a different stage of life, eating raw, etc. than you are and if that grates please just let me know and I'll disappear in a {{{POOF}}}


PS I'm also a nurse but I'm one of the good ones who embraces food as medicine. :)

Greenmama said...

Hi Lannette,

Homeschooling includes lots of "recess". Young children learn better through movement and hands on activities and play than anything else, I believe.

I am NOT all raw at this time, although that is my goal.

I would never exclude readers on the basis of their "rawness". Or their career choices. LOL! You are welcome here.


Connie said...
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Connie said...

Connie said...
Lanette and Marjorie, I thought it was funny homework was mentioned. It was homework that finally made me start homeschooling. I was helping so much with their schoolwork every evening, as they kept saying "that's not what the teacher said," even though they obviously did not understand what she said, that I figured it would be just as easy to teach each concept from the beginning as to try to pick up where someone else left off. If you can help with homework, you can homeschool. :)

Love these discussions.

Lannette said...

Marjorie thanks for your welcome and for the explanation about homeschooling.

I can definitely remember helping with math homework and having a totally different way of describing things than the teacher did.


Anonymous said...

Love your blog! Love your writings. Thanks for being so open and "up-front."
My son goes to a Waldorf School. I have toyed with the idea of homeschooling as it is a struggle to pay for tuition, and I think socially it would be great for my ds. (many more reasons) But, he and I are constanttly at each other and don't think it would be good for our relationship. :)
Lannette, do you live in New England? I used to have a friend (online) form eons ago that lived in New England and exercised to The Firm, did T-Tapp and was a Cardiac RN. THat was when I was living in Northern VA. Is that you????
I am a Raw Vegan now,wasn't back then. I have been transitioning since last July/August.
I used to use my real name on The Firm forums, but dh and I have agreed not to anymore.

Sarah said...

Aww Marjorie, I didn't realize our dd's were so close in age. Wish we lived closer so they could have playdates!

Greenmama said...

Hi Sarah,

Your twins are close in age to my other two as well. I wish we lived closer, too!!!!!

:), Marjorie

Lannette said...

{Lannette, do you live in New England? I used to have a friend (online) form eons ago that lived in New England and exercised to The Firm, did T-Tapp and was a Cardiac RN. THat was when I was living in Northern VA. Is that you????} Yes, that's me. If you want to email me my email is dreamcatcher at surfglobal dot net - I'd love to catch up.

Sorry to use your blog as a reunion party Marjorie.