Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Transitioning from weight loss to health maintenance

I had a really helpful conversation with my Path of Health mentor Seena last night. Together, we talked through some of my more recent challenges.

Here's the basics... I'm not eating anywhere near enough to fuel my activities. I am losing weight, but not dropping body fat and building muscles. I am having cravings for SAD foods because I am hungry.

I thought I was having trouble recognizing the signs of "true hunger," but one reason for that might be that I'M HUNGRY ALL THE TIME. Duh. Seena also thought that I might be confusing hunger with thirst, since I am drinking way more water than a non salt-eating raw fooder would normally need.

So, using Nutridiary, I can see how many calories I actually need to eat on a day-to-day basis, and I'm actually going to do it.

Once I have the money to buy enough food. LOL!

Seena encouraged me to try using smoothies to get over my banana aversion. She also suggested that I eat before work, even though it is earlier than I'd really like to, because otherwise, I don't get a chance to eat two solid meals during the daytime. She encouraged me to research the most calorie-dense sweet fruits (bananas and dates, in case you're wondering) and eat 'em up! And, she said once I start fueling my body properly, I can exercise more vigorously and see the body fat drop and the muscle-building I'd like. So... feels exciting to have some ideas how to get going. Thanks again, Seena.

Today's Food

7 a.m. 10 cups watermelon (Got a stomacheache. Not sure if it was the watermelon, which was just a tiny bit under-ripe, or if it was the speed I ate, or eating so early. I felt really bad for 20 minutes)

11:45 a.m. 7 medium and 3 small bananas

4:45 p.m. Leftover 2 cups watermelon from breakfast

6 p.m. Salad with red leaf lettuce, okra, zucchini, heirloom tomato, and yellow pepper

7 p.m. A large mango

Cal. 2048, C-F-P 89-4-7

Only 60 calories short! Not bad for day one.


Anonymous said...

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Johanna said...


I so much enjoy reading your blog. I have been following the 811 for about 5 months. I am not completely raw yet (have done it in the past--the high fat way) but am about 80-90% raw most days. I was way undereating for a long time because I was told not to eat fruit due to yeast problems. Then, I read Doug Graham's book and realized it's not the fruit--it's the fat. So, I started eating fruit and using FitDay to calculate my calories and started gaining weight. I also began doing high intensity weight training and used Charlie Able's guidance--www.charliesgym.com. I have now gained about 10 pounds, which puts me at 130 pounds on a 5'9" frame. I look much better and much more muscular in just a few months. I too had a problem eating lots of bananas. Due to cost, we try to eat lots of bananas. I put them in smoothies and make banana berry ice cream with my Champion Juicer. I have learned how to eat monomeals of bananas (like 7-9 at a time). It takes time but eventually you get there. I have food fantasies (especially when falling asleep at night) for all kinds of stuff. I used to be a gourmet cook and personal chef so I have lots of tempting food memories. I think it is normal. It tends to give me comfort to think about certain foods, like fried chicken and french fries. I never eat those foods now. Just like you I am a gardener and try to grow food to offset the cost. If only, I was in a tropical climate--I could grow the food we seem to eat the most. My goal this year is to grow all the greens we eat year round. My husband and I have built a very simple greenhouse in the backyard based on Eliot Coleman's book "Four Season Harvest". I am planting hardy greens that I hope will make it through our Zone 7 winters here in Maryland. Anyway, really enjoy reading your blog. I can relate to much of what you write.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

I am glad you are figuring things out--it always feels good to have "a plan" in my opinion, and even better to have someone to talk it over with.

Plus, I am completely jealous that you NEED to eat more calorie dense fruits like dates! I love (love, love, love) them, and cannot keep them in my apt because I will totally overeat them. Have you been able to find a (somewhat) affordable source? Besides my overeating of them, the cost makes me not buy them too. Medjools can cost upwards of $6 a lb here!

I hope work is going well and that you are enjoying it!

lunamama3 said...

hey you...

i've been thinking a lot about you lately, sending you love. your diet changes have me intrigued and i just signed up for the yahoo group you're on. i have a lot of reservations, but i can see how much rings true in the little bits you've shared with me. i know i have big changes to make in my life still.

you amaze, astound and inspire me...

love you so much!

p.s. call me sometime, girl! the kids all started school today...lila's even in kindergarten now! my heart was so full and so broken at all once this morning when i left their school all alone today...*sigh*

Anonymous said...

Hello Marjorie!

Again, you are my inspiration! :-) I cannot wait for someone to tell me I have to eat more because I am losing too much weight! lol!

Thanks for taking time out of your busy life to share so openly and honestly!

Today is Day 7 of 811rv for us and we are loving it!

Big Hugs!

Sarah said...

Hi Marjorie,

The same thing happened to me! I figured out that I have NO cravings if I just eat enough carbs.

My DH doesn't like plain bananas but he can eat 20-30 bananas a day, in smoothies. :)

BTW, mango is another high calorie food worth investigating. It is so yummy too! You might also try adding a stalk or two of celery your banana smoothie. Sounds weird but it is Dr. D's "sports drink" recipe and that was the one smoothie that made me feel good and kept me going in the early days. It cut the taste of the sweet bananas a little bit and added a little bit of zing. :)

You're doing great!

Greenmama said...

Thanks everyone. It's so nice to hear from you all.

Love to everyone,