Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Let's All Emote Together... Hmmm. How will that Work?

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The 80-10-10 Diet is actually more than a diet program. It is actually a holistic program that addresses every part of our health... Diet, rest, exercise, sunshine and "emotional poise" are all part of 80-10-10.

So, for me, the diet is going pretty well. I have been off the avocados for a few days now (ran out) and eating back in the range of 90-5-5 or so. Sunshine is also no problem. I am working on the exercise part, and it is improving. Generally, I am fairly active anyway because of my garden work. Rest is touch and go, but getting better. I am making a commitment to go to bed at a reasonable hour, 11 p.m. or earlier at least 5 nights per week. I am also working on taking a more leisurely pace in life, instead of relentlessly pushing through fatigue.

Now for the emotional part. Wow. In his book, Dr. Graham mentions that many of us have used food in the past to supress our ability to feel negative emotions. In particular, we use fat to do this, because digesting fat requires so much energy that it actually "numbs" our nerve energy, leaving us unable to feel strong emotions. He writes,

"As one lightens the digestive load by switching to [low fat] raw foods, the body suddenly has more nerve energy to conduct emotions, and emotions suppressed over the years begin to emerge. This unexpected challenge proves overwhelming for many people..." pg. 241 of The 80-10-10 Diet

Um, yeah. Now multiply that times five in our house. It is like a powder keg in here! I hope we get out of this alive.

Today's Food

9:30 a.m. About 10 cups watermelon
11:30 a.m. 8 Medjool dates
3 p.m. About 12 cups watermelon
6:30 p.m. 3 cups iceberg, 2 cups curly endive, 1/2 of a medium orange pepper, 1 C. sliced cucumber, and a dressing made of blended sunflower seeds, red pepper, taragon, and a sprinkle of salt
8:30 Shake with 3 frozen bananas, 1/4 cup black raspberries

About 2200 cal., C-P-F 81-7-12

Today's Exercise

1 hour walking with my son in the a.m. (slow pace)

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