Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today, I turn 31. And I feel at least a year younger than I did on my last birthday. I have so much to be thankful for.

Tonight is a big volunteer event at the garden and almost 40 people are coming to work. Isn't that fantastic?!?

Also, my scale said the magic number that I was aiming for by my birthday. 120 pounds this morning.


leyanleyouyou said...

Hi,Greenmama,Happy birthday to you!
I see your blog just when i am in net surfing now,and know today' s your birthday.So,wish you have a happy 31th birthday!!

Jennifer C. said...

Happy Birthday Marjorie! Hope you have a great day. And congrats on meeting your goal.

tyha said...

Happy Birthday! It is my birthday too! I hope you have a wonderful one!

Courtney said...

Happy Birthday! And congrats on reaching your goal weight--that is amazingly great! What a birthday gift. I hope that you have a wonderful birthday!


Leah said...


Congrats on reaching your magic number!!!! Yaay!

And Happy Birthday too!

Raw Vegan Mama said...

Happy, Happy Birthday! What a wonderful day! I am so inspired by you, as always!

Congrats on that awesome little number (120)!

Em said...

Happy, Happy Birthday to you.
Love and hugs from Japan

Greenmama said...

Thanks so much everyone.

I had a really wonderful birthday and appreciate all of you supporting me in my health journey.


Greenmama said...

Also, a clarification on my weight goal... 120 was just my birthday goal. I hope to release more weight and have a healthier body fat percentage.

Also, I realize that weight and body fat is just one measure of health and good health is my main goal.

Again, thanks so much everybody!