Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Who's afraid?

Photo by Andy's Diner

For people who have learned that when they feel their best in every conceivable way, they enjoy life the most, this is a prescription for optimal vitality, for we are gaining everything and "giving up" nothing. So first we choose our goal ... how do we wish to live, what do we wish to experience, ... and THEN we choose what will get us there. No one's choices are "right" or "wrong", but different choices do invariably lead us into different outcomes.
So the question is, if I *know* what my goals are, and I *know* what I need to do to reach them, then why am I avoiding doing what I need to do.
The emotional blockage I seem to be feeling is FEAR. But what am I afraid of?
I am giving away my cashews tomorrow. Tomorrow, I go for training at my new job, as well. I can be successful.


Valerie Winters said...

Lovely salad photo. Best wishes on your new job.

Courtney said...

So they finally told you you actually got the job?! That is great--Congrats! How exciting! I hope it goes well tomorrow...

Mizzi said...

Beautiful quote and nice blog!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new job. What a great year you are having!

Greenmama said...

Thanks for all of your support everyone.

I am very nervous about going back to work. But I have the summer to prepare.