Thursday, May 3, 2007

Sleep deprived

I normally am a DEMON if I get less than 8 hours, but I only got 4 last night and was just my usual mildly-crabby self.

My son woke up in the middle of the night and threw up everywhere. This morning, he got up later than usual and complained of a headache. So, he had his first sick day of the year. Actually, he was fine once he drank some water, laid around for about an hour and ate some fruit. I should have known he was just dehydrated from the vomitting. But it was probably better that he rested instead of going to school.

I lazed around a bit online in the morning, talked to one of my sisters (her birthday!) on the phone, and then got motivated and did some more cupboard cleaning in the kitchen. I got together 3 huge boxes of stuff to give away to various friends. It feels so great to "detox" my kitchen.

I ate a whole cantaloupe around 9 a.m. Mmm, juicy and good. I'm glad I waited until it was really ripe.

At 11:00, I sampled some of my sweetpotato chips that I spent so long on last night. Well, when the hours that it took to make them is factored in, the verdict is... not worth it! I had trouble getting the chili ones to be coated the right amount with chili powder. I tried dipping them in the lime juice and olive oil and then dipping them in dry powder, but that resulted in way too much powder caked on. Then I tried sprinkling the powder on the wet chip, but that resulted in uneven coverage. I got irritated and dumped the powder into the lime juice and olive oil, but that was a mistake, too. I need one of those shaker thingies that people use to put powdered sugar on their French toast. Or I just need to give up making complicated food. LOL!

Anyway, the plain lime chips were better than the chili ones, although they were a bit too sour. Perhaps diluting the lime juice would have been better.

At around 1:30, I had about 2 cups of romaine, with a few small stalks of chopped celery and 12 ounces of thawed raspberries.

We headed to my friend's house to give her some of our pantry excess. The kids romped in the backyard while we sat in the sun and chatted. I enjoyed the time, but was feeling a bit lethargic and generally down.

After running to drop off more stuff at another friend's house, we headed home around 5 p.m. I threw together some cooked food and started a salad for the family, but was depressed about what I could possibly eat. Also, I was beginning to feel time-crunched. I really wanted to plant more out at the farm before it rains tomorrow.

My husband reminded me that he actually gets paid Thursday night, not Friday, so I ran to Aldi and spent $70 on fruit and veggies. Woohoo.

I then sped out to my friends' farm while eating my dinner--3 apples and way too many raisins and soaked walnuts. My mood instantly improved, though.

I planted lots of lettuce and all of my cabbage, kale, cauliflower, broccoli, and brussel sprouts for the spring. It was dark when I finished and I know my rows are going to be quite crooked. My friends' gave me some of their asparagus harvest, which I sampled on the way home. Mmmmm! Nothing like really fresh raw asparagus.

Now, I'm really headed to bed as I am utterly exhausted!

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