Monday, May 14, 2007

Learning curve

For Mother's Day, my husband bought me The Vein of Gold: A Journey to Your Creative Heart by Julia Cameron, the author of the Artist's Way. I am ashamed to say that I own the Artist's Way and have not yet read it.

I am absolutely enthused about embarking on a Journey to my creative self! I have felt paralyzed for too long.

Here is an inspiring quote from the introduction:

"This is a book of deep, thorough creative healing--and the tools are creative ones. It is the use of creativitiy which heals the creative wound...Our adult self merely "understands" a wound. Our creative artist, that inner creative child, must actually heal it." Julia Cameron

Wow! I feel like my spiritual and creative awakening will be a perfect compliment to the rejuvenation of my physical and emotional selves. I am ready for WHOLE HEALTH!

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